Origen | Brand Identity
Origen is a non-profit christian community for creatives, artists, musicians, writers, photographers, designers and more. That seeks the union between the gospel and creativity because God is an artist.
Logofolio 01
Logo collection number one for brands and personal projects.
La Barbería
La Barbería is a barber shop based in Guatemala City, it is a place aimed at men, youth and children with a traditional but modern concept, adopting a hipster/retro culture.  As part of the graphic solution, we designed an logotype with a film look, like a movie poster. Simple, legible, clean and obviously hipster.  
Vox Reforma | Branding
Vox Reforma is a band of praise and worship based in Guatemala City. Focused on the centrality of the Gospel of Jesus, The project is born with the purpose of providing fresh and reformed music for each person inside and outside a Church. As part of the graphic solution, we designed an monogram with the word "vox", to transmite the essence of the band in a simple, minimal and modern way.
Haus Studios
Haus Studios is a photography studio based in Guatemala City, a space where breathe photography and live photography. The name Haus is a single word from the german language to denote "Home".   The corporate identity was focused on a simple thing. The box to represent a eternal sweet home, and the colors black and white represent the beginning and the end, a lot of minimal style because the photography is simple, is everything in a minimal expression. 
Mio Café & Restaurante
Mio is a coffee and restaurant based in Guatemala City, it is a restaurant with a lot of Guatemalan culture. With very traditional flavors based in the different provinces of the country, and that's the biggest differentiator compared to other cafes in the city. The corporate identity rebrand was focused on a simple stuffs. Minimal, clean, vintage and hipster style, using a pastel color palette to represent the brand, creating a unique isotipo based on the national bird of the country "El Quetzal" for represent all the essence of the brand. And a handwritting font to express the name "mio". This brand speaks by itself and all the visuals only are the complement. 
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