Liza x Nativa & Bonita
Nativa & Bonita are unique pieces/lovely made by talented guatemalan artisans.
Minimalist shoots for the corporate stationery of Avia.
HQ Fontabella
Minimalist photographs for the corporate stationery branding developed for HQ Fontabella.
Tres Puntos
Series of three nonprofit short books, focused in the application of design principles to facilitate the Execution of branding projects. Finalist project on the Latin Design Awards in Lima, Perú.
Afripica is a synergy of several lives that interact in the same environment, the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in the Department of Quiché, Guatemala. Artisanal spicy produced in Quiché, Department of Guatemala, whose purpose is to benefit the health, education and development of the community that grows its raw material. Featured in Graphic Design and Adobe Illustrator on Behance.
Arte Digital
ARTE DIGITAL is a series of prints, this project consisted in photographing each one of the prints developed by Axel Flores for El Centro Cultural de España en Guatemala. Finalist and part of the Bienal Iberoamérica de Diseño in Spain.
Origen | Brand Identity
Origen is a non-profit christian community for creatives, artists, musicians, writers, photographers, designers and more. That seeks the union between the gospel and creativity because God is an artist.
Victoria's Outfits
Victoria is a fashion design student and this shoots show 3 of her new outfits proposals.
Logofolio 01
Logo collection number one for brands and personal projects.
Danwell Lookbook 17 (Silver)
Danwell is a Guatemalan jewelry with high quality value and service in each of his works, we present some of the pieces that were part of his first Lookbook of engagement rings worked in silver.
Inhumación's Exhibit
This photographic series seeks to show the architecture and the artistic heritage that encloses a cemetery and transmit the overcoming of the duel showing as point of reflection why let everything be buried? Part of the exhibit FotoMaíz: Muestra de Fotografía at Festival Quinto Sol, Xela 2017.
The Inhumation Series
Series of portraits based in the National Cemetery of Guatemala City.
Kani Dog Food
KANI is a brand that makes natural food for dogs, always taking into account the health of our pets.
La Barbería
La Barbería is a barber shop based in Guatemala City, it is a place aimed at men, youth and children with a traditional but modern concept, adopting a hipster/retro culture.  As part of the graphic solution, we designed an logotype with a film look, like a movie poster. Simple, legible, clean and obviously hipster.  
Predica a Cristo
A minimal shots, with some pastel colors, simple but lovely. 
The New Denim Project Lookbook
TNDP is the newest project at Iris Textiles: a cotton yarn and fabric manufacturer operating in Guatemala since 1956. Committed 100% to social and environmental compliance and to making people super happy with our natural products.
Night Train
Night Train a Guns and Roses Tribute Band
Theater 1.0 Miguel Ángel Asturias
The National theater "Miguel Ángel Asturias"  is located in Guatemala City. It is full of minimalism and color, with a surprising architecture.
The Gospel Coalition Books
Photoshoot for TGC books that will be used in different platforms, one of them your website.
Yokoi Kenji at Grupo Financiero G&T Continental
Yokoi Kenji at Grupo Financiero G&T Continental
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